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S-andiniz / Contemporary Dance / 2013

S-andınız has focused on the effects and traumas that the anthems that are repeated by the individuals at the age of development and who are parts of a society with a rich cultural background and diversity have formed in the emotional and intellectual structure and spiritual and physical development of these individuals. Moreover, the discourse produced by these anthems not only serves a single type of thought system, but also produces feelings, thoughts, and behavior patterns which ignore the uniqueness of human, his own originality and characteristic.

Consept: Leyla Toprak
Coreography: Leyla Toprak
Dancers:  Leyla Toprak, Cansu Kul, Melisa Pek, Eyüp Büyükkelleci, Göker Yıldız,
Eribe Sonsal, Kübra Sahri, Nisan Ak, Ruhan Yavuz, Zeynep Gürbüz