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Red Handkerchief- Documentary film /2015

The people who have to live within bounded place and time by the laws were either in prison or on the mountains or in demonstrations. And the halay was a way of organisation, a feeling of unboundedness in a bounded place, the synergy emerged from collective movement and mostly it was integrating, healing and detaching.

Location: Diyarbakır
Year of Production: 2015
Running Time: 16:20
Genre: Documentary and Fiction
Language: Turkish
Subtitle: Engish – Kurdish
Director: Leyla Toprak
Script: Leyla Toprak
Production: Leyla Toprak
Paticipation: Ramazan Morkoç, Sara Aktaş, Hasan Yağız Mehmet Akdoğan, Sevi
Demir, Pero Dündar, Besime Konca, Herdem Kızılkaya, Şaban Tan, Hasan İnatçı
Editing: Leyla Toprak-Utku Kaya
Director of Photography: Mustafa Köksalan
Camera: Mustafa Köksalan, Özkan Küçük
Sound: Mir Mustafa Baydemir