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Invisible Bodies / Installation / 2014

The enlightenment has exalted the mind and despised emotions. Newton's reason-based physics theory was dominated by the tendency to understand and explain everything in concrete terms, the reality being described only with the limits of the human eye, and a belief in the linear progress of time emerged. This study draws attention to the fact that as a result of all these developments, the relationship that the person establishes with himself or herself and with others becomes limited and incomplete. On the other hand, he tried to point out how the collective consciousness of emotions and intuitions shaped our lives, that the energy created by quantum physics and subatomic particles spread to the whole of our lives, and that everything in the world can exist only in a cyclic time sense, and that the collective conscious that formed by all humanity has formed our lives.

Consept: Leyla Toprak
Dancers: Leyla Toprak – Cansu Kul
Photographer: Savaş Boyraz