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Görüldü – Seen / Dance Theatre / 2012

Seen was about the pressure imposed by the cachet named “Seen” written on the letters which are sent to or from the prison on human’s flow of feeling and thought, but also the effects created by the involvement of an outside and unauthorized person in a two-persons relationship and communication bond, and in the area (the letter) where this relationship is expressed.

Consept: Leyla Toprak
Choreography: Leyla Toprak
Dancers: Leyla Toprak, Cansu Kul, Melisa Pek, Eyüp Büyükkelleci, Göker Yıldız,
Eribe Sonsal, Kübra Sahri, Nisan Ak, Ruhan Yavuz, Zeynep Gürbüz, Nebi Birgi,
İnsel Birinci, Ruken